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Portuguese for foreigners

Do you want to speak Portuguese just like a Brazilian does?

At Plural Idiomas, we believe that speaking a new language is a way of establishing a cultural connection with its native speakers.

We also know that when you are an expat, understanding  people around you, REALLY understanding them, makes a crucial difference in your and your family's adaptation process.

Of course, as a language institute, we cannot minimize the importance of grammar. We want you to be able to speak Portuguese correctly and appropriately in all kinds of social situations.

However, what makes our Portuguese for Foreigners course unique is that, besides sentence structure and grammar rules, we present you with a colorful range of current expressions and idioms that will help you to understand the everyday interactions around you.


As a result, the Portuguese you speak will sound more natural and native-like.


To make sure that our students find in their classes the most relevant and motivating topics, all of our courses are custom-designed to meet individual objectives, interests and profiles.

We have a group of engaging and knowledgeable teachers that can help you and your family make the most of your experience in Brazil.


Contact us and speak Portuguese just like a Brazilian does.



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